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Fought at Nashville, Tennessee, on December 15-16, 1864, and was one of the largest victories achieved by the Union Army in the war

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Forrest had destroyed railroad track, blockhouses, and some homes and generally disrupted Union operations in the area, but he did not accomplish much else. The raid on Murfreesboro was a minor irritation, and Forrest was absent at the Battle of Nashville.

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one of the worst disasters of the war for the Confederate States Army. Confederate Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood conducted numerous unsuccessful frontal assaults against fortified positions occupied by the Union forces.

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1864-11-29Spring Hill

The Confederate Army of Tennessee, commanded by Gen John Bell Hood, attacked a Union force under Gen John Schofield as it retreated from Columbia through Spring Hill

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Concluded the movement of Gen John Bell Hood's Confederate Army of Tennessee from the Tennessee River in northern Alabama to Columbia, Tennessee, and across the Duck River

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1864-11-111864-11-13Bull's Gap

In November 1864, Gen John Breckinridge undertook an expedition into East Tennessee from Virginia to secure the countryside for food and forage and to drive the Federals from the area

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Confederate cavalry commander Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest culminated a 23-day raid through western Tennessee by attacking the Union supply base at Johnsonville

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Forrest made a daring raid on Memphis, then occupied by 6000 Federal troops. Although Forrest failed in Memphis, his raid influenced Union forces to return there, from northern Mississippi, and provide protection.

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1864-04-12Fort Pillow

The battle generated great controversy about a massacre of surrendered African-American troops conducted or condoned by Confederate Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest

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1864-01-27Fair Garden

Following the Battle of Dandridge on January 16-17, Union cavalry moved to the south side of the French Broad River, where they disrupted Confederate foraging parties and captured numerous loaded supply wagons in that area

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