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1865-06-22CSS Shenandoah fires last shots

The Shenandoah fired the last shot of the American Civil War, across the bow of a whaler in waters off the Aleutian Islands.

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1865-02-111865-02-22Battle of Wilmington

The Battle of Wilmington closed the last major port of the Confederate States on the Atlantic coast. Wilmington had served as a major port for blockade-runners, carrying tobacco, cotton, and other goods to places such as Britain, the Bahamas, and Bermuda.

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1865-01-131865-01-15Fort Fisher

Sometimes referred to as the "Gibraltar of the South" and the last major coastal stronghold of the Confederacy, Fort Fisher had tremendous strategic value during the war.

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1864-08-021864-08-23Battle of Mobile Bay

This Union victory, together with the capture of Atlanta, was a significant boost for Abraham Lincoln's bid for re-election.

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1864-05-05Albemarle Sound

An inconclusive clash between the CSS Albemarle and a larger Union fleet at the mouth of Albemarle Sound. The union ships failed to damage the ironclad Albemarle with cannon, but caused significant damage when USS Sassacus rammed her.

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1864-04-121864-04-13Blair's Landing

Union troops led by Brig. Gen. Thomas Kilby Smith defended a badly need convoy of supplies and gunboats from Confederate attacks.

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1863-10-281863-10-29Brown's Ferry

In pontoon boats, Union troops floated down the Tennessee River to land at Brown's Ferry on the west side of the River. They fought their way to high ground and dug in with abatis.

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1863-10-161863-10-18Fort Brooke

Two Union Navy ships, USS Tahoma and USS Adela, bombarded Fort Brooke on October 16, 1863, as a diversion, while a landing party under Acting Master Harris disembarked at Ballast Point and marched 14 miles to the Hillsborough River to capture several...

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1863-09-08Sabine Pass II

Has often been credited as the most one-sided Confederate victory during the conflict

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1863-05-01Port Gibson

Grant forces confederate forces under general Bowen to abandon the formidable defenses at Grand Gulf. Union gunboats, investigating the nature of the explosion of the magazine, arrived and took Grand Gulf without a shot.

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