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1864-05-18Norwood's Plantation

After learning of Confederate forces in Yellow Bayou, Brig. Gen. Joseph A. Mower was ordered to halt their advance. This last battle in the ill fated red river campaign allowed union forces to escape.

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A Union force defeated elements of the Confederate States Army

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1864-04-23Cane River Crossing

Union troops led by Nathaniel P. Banks attacked Confederate forces across the Cane River. They were victorious and forced the rebels to retreat.

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1864-04-121864-04-13Blair's Landing

Union troops led by Brig. Gen. Thomas Kilby Smith defended a badly need convoy of supplies and gunboats from Confederate attacks.

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1864-04-09Pleasant Hill

The battle was essentially a continuation of the previous day's Battle of Mansfield, fought nearby, which ended around sunset due to darkness - night time provided a brief interlude in hostilities

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1864-04-08Pleasant Grove

The battle was a decisive Confederate victory which eventually led to the defeat of General Banks' Red River campaign and the Federal evacuation at Grand Encore

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1864-03-14Fort DeRussy

Fort De Russy was a strong Confederate stronghold during the American Civil War defending the lower Red River Valley in Louisiana. The fort yielded to the Union Army, lead by General A. J. Smith

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1863-09-29Fordoche Bridge

Following the Union defeat at the Second Battle of Sabine Pass earlier in the month, Gen Nathaniel Banks intended to occupy important locations in Texas

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1863-07-121863-07-13Cox's Plantation

Part of a campaign entitled 'Taylor's Operations in West Louisiana (1863)

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1863-06-291863-06-30Lake Providence

Confederate troops attack captured plantations defended by black federal troops. The attacks destroyed property, captured supplies and weapons, but overall did little damage to the Union war effort.

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