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1864-06-06Lake Chicot

A Union Army force marched into Confederate-held lands in Chicot County, Arkansas

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1864-04-30Jenkins' Ferry

Union Gen Fred Steele's forces retreated from Camden after being mauled at Marks' Mills and Poison Spring

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1864-04-25Marks' Mills

Confederate troops under Gen James Fagan overwhelmed a small Union detachment commanded by Col Francis Drake, leading to Union abandonment of their position in Camden, Arkansas

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1864-04-18Poison Spring

Dwindling supplies for his army at Camden forced Gen Frederick Steele to send out a foraging party to gather corn that the Confederates had stored about twenty miles up the Prairie D'Ane-Camden Road on White Oak Creek

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Union Major General Fred Steele's forces, combined with Brig. Gen. John M. Thayer's division, marched south from the Cornelius Farm forcing Confederate defenders to withdraw and occupying the city.

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1864-04-031864-04-04Elkin's Ferry Okolona

Confederate cavalry attacked Union troops as they were trying to cross Little Missouri River. The Union forces were able to fend off both of these attacks and then cross the river.

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1863-10-25Pine Bluff

Union troops under Colonel Powell Clayton, having taken Pine Bluff on September 17, remained in the town with the 5th Kansas Cavalry and the 1st Indiana Cavalry

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1863-09-10Little Rock

Brig. Gen. Davidson's cavalry ran into Confederate troops at Bayou Fourche. Aided by Union artillery fire from north of the river, he forced them out of their position and sent them fleeing to Little Rock, which fell to Union troops that evening.

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Overshadowed by the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, the Battle of Helena secured eastern Arkansas for the Union

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1863-05-011863-05-02Chalk Bluff

Gen William Vandever, commanding the 2nd Division of the Union Army of the Frontier, was repulsed in an attempt to prevent Confederate cavalry under Gen John Marmaduke from crossing the St. Francis River.

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