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1865-04-16West Point

This battle was fought at Fort Tyler seven days after Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, making it one of the last battles of the Civil War east of the Mississippi.

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1864-12-13Fort McAllister II

Union forces overwhelmed a small Confederate force defending the strategically important Fort McAllister near Savannah, Georgia, a major Federal objective

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Union cavalry forces under Gen Judson Kilpatrick defeated Confederate cavalry led by Gen Joseph Wheeler, opening the way for William Sherman's armies to approach their objective, Savannah

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1864-11-28Buck Head Creek

Union Army cavalry under Gen Judson Kilpatrick repulsed an attack by the small Confederate cavalry corps under Gen Joseph Wheeler, but abandoned its attempt to destroy railroads and rescue Union prisoners of war

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A Union Army brigade under Gen Charles Walcutt defeated the small Confederate infantry division under Gen Pleasant Philips, at Griswoldville, near Macon, Georgia, and continued its march toward Savannah

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A Confederate division under Gen Samuel French attacked a Union garrison under Gen John Corse, but was unable to dislodge it from its fortified position protecting the railroad through Allatoona Pass

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1864-09-101864-09-11Dug Gap

More of a series of maneuvers and skirmishes than an actual battle and casualties were negligible

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Two Union armies led by Gen William Sherman maneuvered to draw the Army of Tennessee (led by John Bell Hood) away from their defenses at Atlanta, Georgia, where it could be destroyed

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1864-08-20Lovejoy's Station

The two sides had arrived at something of a stalemate, with the Union army half-encircling Atlanta and the Confederate defenders staying behind their fortifications

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1864-08-141864-08-15Dalton II

The Union force from the District of Etowah was commanded principally by Gen James Steedman and the Confederate cavalry corps by Gen Joseph Wheeler

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