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After the Confederate victory at the battle of Brice's Crossroads, the supply lines for Sherman's armies in Georgia became increasingly vulnerable

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1864-06-10Tishomingo Creek

Pitted a 4,787-man contingent led by Confederate Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest against an 8,100-strong Union force led by Brigadier General Samuel Sturgis

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Confederate cavalry, commanded by Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest, faced 7,000 cavalry under the command of Gen William Sooy Smith and defeated them at Okolona, causing 100 casualties for the loss of 50

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Sherman captured Meridian, Mississippi, inflicting heavy damage to it

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In a series of maneuvers, Union Gen Ulysses Grant and his Army of the Tennessee crossed the Mississippi River and drove the Confederate army of Gen John Pemberton into the defensive lines surrounding the fortress city of Vicksburg, Mississippi

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1863-05-17Big Black River Bridge

The Union troops led by John McClernand captured approximately 1,700 troops at Big Black. Fewer than half of the Confederates who had fought at Champion Hill made it into the defenses at Vicksburg.

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1863-05-16Bakers Creek

Union commander Major General Ulysses Grant and the Army of the Tennessee pursued the retreating Confederate Lieutenant General John Pemberton and defeated his army twenty miles to the east of Vicksburg, Mississippi, leading inevitably to the Siege ...

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Union commander Gen Ulysses Grant and the Army of the Tennessee defeated Confederate General Joseph Johnston, seizing the city, cutting supply lines, and opening the path to the west and the Siege of Vicksburg

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The bitter fight pitted elements of Union Army Gen Ulysses Grant's Army of the Tennessee against Confederate forces of Gen John Pemberton's Department of the Mississippi and East Louisiana

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1863-05-01Port Gibson

Grant forces confederate forces under general Bowen to abandon the formidable defenses at Grand Gulf. Union gunboats, investigating the nature of the explosion of the magazine, arrived and took Grand Gulf without a shot.

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