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1864-06-111864-06-12Kellar's Bridge

A part of Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan's 1864 Raid into Kentucky, the battle resulted in a victory by Union forces over the raiders and saved the town from capture

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A Confederate force led by Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest launched a successful raid on Paducah, Kentucky, to capture supplies

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Confederate Gen Braxton Bragg's Army of Mississippi won a tactical victory against primarily a single corps of Gen Don Carlos Buell's Union Army of the Ohio

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1862-09-141862-09-17Green River Bridge

The outcome was inconclusive, although the Union Army continued to hold its objective, a railroad bridge across the Green River

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In Gen Kirby Smith's 1862 Confederate offensive into Kentucky, Gen Patrick Cleburne led the advance with Col John Scott's cavalry out in front

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1862-02-281862-04-08Island No. 10

The Union victory marked the first time the Confederate army lost a position on the Mississippi River in battle. The river was then open to the Union Navy as far as Fort Pillow, a short distance above Memphis.

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1862-01-19Mill Springs

Concluded an early Confederate offensive campaign in eastern Kentucky. The first significant Union victory, much celebrated in the popular press, but was soon eclipsed by Ulysses S. Grant's victories at Forts Henry and Donelson.

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1862-01-10Middle Creek

The battle, along with the Battle of Mill Springs, positioned the Union armies to invade Middle Tennessee

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1861-12-17Rowlett's Station

After an inconclusive clash (both sides withdrawing) the Union Army continued to hold its objective, a railroad bridge across the Green River.

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1861-11-081861-11-09Ivy Mountain

After the battle, bedraggled Confederate force retreated back into Virginia for supplies. The Union forces consolidated their power in eastern Kentucky mountains.

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