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The last major battle to occur between the armies of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman and Gen. Joseph E. Johnston.

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1865-03-16Black River

Part of the Carolinas Campaign of the American Civil War, was a prelude to the climactic Battle of Bentonville, which began three days later.

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1865-03-10Blues Farm

Involving about 4,500 men, it pitted mounted Confederate cavalry against dismounted Union cavalry. It was one of the last all-cavalry battles of the Civil War.

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1865-03-071865-03-10Wilcox's Bridge

Having stopped General Cox's union troops near Kingston forces under general Braxton Bragg attempt to outflank the Union line. Cox is reinforced and the Confederate attack failed. Bragg withdrew and was unable to prevent the fall of Kinston.

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1865-02-111865-02-22Battle of Wilmington

The Battle of Wilmington closed the last major port of the Confederate States on the Atlantic coast. Wilmington had served as a major port for blockade-runners, carrying tobacco, cotton, and other goods to places such as Britain, the Bahamas, and Bermuda.

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1865-01-131865-01-15Fort Fisher

Sometimes referred to as the "Gibraltar of the South" and the last major coastal stronghold of the Confederacy, Fort Fisher had tremendous strategic value during the war.

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1864-12-071864-12-27Fort Fisher

a failed attempt by Union forces to capture the fort guarding Wilmington, North Carolina, the South's last major port on the Atlantic Ocean.

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1864-05-05Albemarle Sound

An inconclusive clash between the CSS Albemarle and a larger Union fleet at the mouth of Albemarle Sound. The union ships failed to damage the ironclad Albemarle with cannon, but caused significant damage when USS Sassacus rammed her.

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In a combined operation with the ironclad ram CSS Albemarle, Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Robert F. Hoke, attacked the Federal garrison at Plymouth, North Carolina. The garrison surrendered on the 20th.

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Following the Confederate victory at Fredericksburg, General Robert E. Lee felt confident enough to dispatch a large portion of his army to deal with Union occupation forces along the coast.

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