Written by on June 2, 1995, 12:00 am

The first massively (well up to 500 players) multiplayer game I played. I was due for a knee operation the next day and I wanted to stay up all night, I logged on my old 2400 modem on my 386 and played batmud all night. My 386 lasted a lot longer than it would have normally, thanks to this game. This mud is based origionally on the LP mud but has been drastically modified and enhanced. Complex guild, skill and combat systems, with a VERY large game world. The web site claims that it is the oldest LP mud, and I think this is very likely considering the complexity and volume of modifications. With a loyal following of players, a social and economic community prosered in my first virtual online experience. The text model for a mud allows a huge amount of creativity for the host of wizards developing new game enviroments. Having programmed a little in the lp mud programming language lpc, I can understand how such a rich world can be developed by a few commited mud wizards. Batmud is supported by player donnations and runs on it's own server at

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