A Postal Plebiscite

September 5, 2017, 11:39 am

Tomorrow the high court of Australia will hear the government's arguments in favour of the constitutionality of the ABS run postal plebiscite. I need to write something down as I have feelings about this bullshit.

There is no "civilised debate" on marriage equality. There are bigots who are on the wrong side of history, willing to do real harm to delay the inevitable erosion of one more roadblock on the path from pre-scientific superstition to enlightened humanism.

They are wrong and they are disingenuous, but it's the 'real harm' that really gets my internal monologue extra sweary. There is a connection between this "civilised debate" and increased rates of suicide amongst young LGBT+ people. These fuckers know this and apparently they don't care.

If this plebiscite goes ahead innocent people will get hurt. A postal plebiscite will be gamed, it will be unrepresentative and even if it results in a resounding YES, this government can just ignore it.

So fuck those guys. Fuck the arseholes campaigning against marriage equality. Fuck their crappy, misdirected, straw man arguments and their dire predictions about the end of society as we know it if we let LGBT+ people get married.

Also fuck this spineless government who won't step up and take a free vote on same sex marriage. I hope this thing is killed tomorrow and our government is forced to do just that.

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