Help get the History StackExchange into Beta

on April 22, 2011, 2:37 pm

If you are reading this post because you are checking out some of my history web projects, I have a proposition for you.

The last few years has seen the creation of a whole range of question and answer sites.

I became involved in this phenomena with the creation of StackOverflow, a site designed to get specific, objective answers to programming questions. This site has grown into a network of StackExchange sites with the goal of creating useful questions and answers in well defined verticals. Basically making the Internet a better place.

The network has a mechanism for launching new sites that guarantees the critical mass of question askers and answerers that will keep it from becoming a ghost town. That mechanism requires people to commit to a particular topic before it is launch. This commitment involves a pledge that you will ask or answer a few questions on the new site.

I would like to see the History StackExchange get the critical mass it needs to launch. If you have some expertise in history you would like to share with the world, something I have found extremely rewarding and fun on StackOverflow, or you have questions on history you would like to see answered, please commit to the project. It is quite simple to sign up and commit:

Help the History StackExchange reach beta

You will get an email when the site launches so you can follow through with some questions and answers on the site.

N.B. - I want to see the History StackExchange launch because it is a site I would love to use. There are no financial incentives here.

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