Quake Deathmatch

June 22, 1996, 12:00 am

My first programming job and the first time I had access to a lan of decent computers, introduced me to Quake deathmatch. A friend and collegue of mine, Nick Maher implemented Quake world local a LAN version of ID Software's quake world server software. It logged frags and deaths and ranked the players in the office in the same way the Internet quake world server did. We were very serious about our Quake for a long time, Nick often kicked our butts but eventually we improved and had some awesome competion going. We would have beers and watch demos of Thresh in the Red Annihlation finals and comment on his playing style like we would any other sport. That is what deathmatch first person games are for me, a sport, fast reflexes, accuracy, skill, tactics and strategy all make or break a deathmatch player. It proves, for me, that a simple concept for a game can create complex behaviour in players.

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