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1945-05-141945-05-15Last Battle - Poljana

The last battle of the war is fought between a mixed detachment of 30,000 Axis troops and Yugoslav partisan forces. The Axis column was attempting to retreat into British controlled Austria.

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1945-05-091945-05-16Channel Islands Liberated

The Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey are liberated. The German garrison on Alderney did not surrender until the 16th, one of the last Nazi outposts to capitulate.

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1945-05-051945-05-08Prague Uprising

Czech resistance troops fight to liberate Prague from German occupying troops at the end of the war. The clash ended in a ceasefire a day before red army troops arrive.

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1945-05-051945-05-11Prague Offensive

The last major offensive on the Eastern front. Fought after the fall of Berlin and VE day. Soviet troops liberate Prague and capture or kill the remaining German troops in Army Group Center.

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1945-05-03British in Hamburg

British troops capture Hamburg. The city is not defended.

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First stage of the Borneo campaign with an amphibious landing by Australian troops. The operation's primary objective was to secure and develop the airstrip for use in subsequent operations.

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Australian I Corps troops under, under General Morshead, attacked Japanese troops holding the island. The campaign isolated a large number of Japanese troops, captured major oil supplies and freed many Allied prisoners.

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1945-04-301945-05-02Reichstag falls

German defenders, who have entrenched themselves in the burnt out rubble of the Reichstag, fight room to room to prevent the fall of the government building. It takes two days for Soviet troops to clear the building entirely.

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1945-04-291945-05-07Operation Mana

Royal and U.S. Air Force planes drop over 11,000 tons of food to un-liberated areas of the Netherlands to relieve starvation of civilians suffering from the Dutch Famine.

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1945-04-29Fornovo di Taro Liberated

The commune at Fornovo di Tar is liberated by Brazilian troops.

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