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1918-10-241918-11-03Vittorio Veneto

Some Italians see Vittorio Veneto as the final culmination of the nationalist movement, in which Italy was unified

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Anticipating an Ottoman armistice following the defeat of the Ottomans in Palestine and the recent surrender of Bulgaria, British Premier David Lloyd George ordered Sir William Marshall, Commander-in-Chief on the Mesopotamian front, to remove any resi...

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1918-10-141918-10-19Courtrai (1918)

After the successful breaking of the Hindenburg Line (see the Fifth Battle of Ypres), the Allies conceived a strategy of pursuing the Germans for as long as possible (until stopped by the winter rains)

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1918-10-081918-10-10Cambrai (1918)

The battle took place in and around the French city of Cambrai, between 8 and 10 October 1918

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1918-10-02Durazzo (1918)

The fleet destroyed the Austro-Hungarian shore defenses and skirmished with a small naval force

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1918-09-281918-10-02Fifth Ypres

After the German Spring Offensive of 1918 was stopped, German morale waned and the increasing numbers of American soldiers arriving on the Western Front gave western allies a growing advantage over the German forces

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1918-09-271918-10-01The Canal du Nord

To avoid the risk of having extensive German reserves massed against a single Allied attack, the assault along the Canal du Nord was undertaken as part of a number of closely sequenced Allied attacks at separate points along the Western Front

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1918-09-261918-11-11Meuse-Argonne Offensive

The whole offensive was planned by Marshal Ferdinand Foch to breach the Hindenburg line and ultimately force the opposing German forces to capitulate

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1918-09-191918-10-01Megiddo (1918)

When he was made a viscount, Allenby took the name of this battle as his title, becoming the First Viscount Allenby of Megiddo

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The Armenians' role during this battle was so prominent that their efforts were recognized by the top commanders of the Allied Force

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