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I hope eventually that the project approaches one data point per day for the period of the war (1914 to 1919). I have a long way to go.

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The Armistice was signed in a railway carriage in the Compiegne Forest. It was not technically a surrender, but did mark the defeat of Germany. Germany troops would withdraw, prisoners would be exchanged and reparations were promised.

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Objectives for this offensive were 'wearing out the enemy' and 'securing the Belgian coast and connecting with the Dutch frontier'. The operation was cancelled prematurely when divisions were called away to support the Italian front.

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As a result of artillery falling short in no mans land, the Irish Royal Munster Fusiliers suffered heavy casualties capturing defenses around Ginchy.

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Enver Pasha ordered the Third Army, now under Vehip Pasha, to retake Trebizond. The attack failed and the subsequent Russian counter attack succeeded rendering the third ineffective for the remainder of the year.

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German troops led by Major Ritter were routed. This led to an overall breakdown in the German lines, effectively ending the campaign.

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1918-08-081918-08-11Amiens (1918)

Allied forces advanced over seven miles on the first day, one of the greatest advances of the war, with Henry Rawlinson's British Fourth Army playing the decisive role

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1918-08-081918-11-11Hundred Days Offensive

The offensive forced the German armies to retreat beyond the Hindenburg Line and was followed by an armistice

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The rapid fall of Tutrakan and the loss of two Romanian infantry divisions proved to be a surprise with crucial consequences. Troops on the Transylvanian front were transfered and that offensive lost momentum.

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