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1918-08-081918-11-11Hundred Days Offensive

The offensive forced the German armies to retreat beyond the Hindenburg Line and was followed by an armistice

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1918-08-081918-08-11Amiens (1918)

Allied forces advanced over seven miles on the first day, one of the greatest advances of the war, with Henry Rawlinson's British Fourth Army playing the decisive role

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1917-05-04Action of 4 May 1917

The action took place between the German Zeppelin LZ92 and the Australian light cruiser, HMAS Sydney.

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1915-08-211915-08-29Hill 60 (Gallipoli)

It was launched on 21 August 1915 to coincide with the attack on Scimitar Hill made from the Suvla front by General Stopford's British IX Corps

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1915-08-07The Nek

Two regiments of the Australian 3rd Light Horse Brigade mounted a tragic and futile attack on the Ottoman trenches on Baby 700. The battle became known as "Godley's abattoir".

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1915-08-061915-08-21Sari Bair

A fresh landing 8.0 km north of Anzac at Suvla Bay in conjunction with an attack north into the rugged country alongside the Sari Bair range with the aim of capturing the high ground and linking with the Suvla landing.

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1915-08-061915-08-10Lone Pine

It was part of a diversion to draw attention from the main assaults of 6 August against the Sari Bair peaks of Chunuk Bair and Hill 971, which became known as the August Offensive

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1915-05-061915-05-08Second Krithia

The village of Krithia and neighbouring hill of Achi Baba had to be captured in order for the British to advance up the Gallipoli peninsula to the forts that controlled passage of the Dardanelles straits

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1915-02-191916-01-09Navy in the Dardanelles

The Dardanelles Campaign began as a purely naval operation. When naval attempts to force the straights failed, plans for a land invasion of the Gallipoli peninsula were made, with a heavy naval contingent.

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