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1943-01-18Warsaw Uprising Launched

The Jewish effort to prevent the remaining Warsaw Ghetto population being moved to Treblinka extermination camp begins.

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1943-01-141943-02-07Operation Ke

The largely successful withdrawal of Japanese forces from Guadalcanal at the conclusion of the Guadalcanal Campaign. 10,652 men were evactuated from Guadalcanal at a cost of one destroyer sunk and three damaged.

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1942-12-151943-01-23Battle of the Gifu

US soldiers and marines, assisted by native Solomon Islanders, attacked Japanese Army forces defending well-fortified and entrenched positions on several hills and ridges.

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1942-12-121942-12-23Winter Storm

Efforts by General Manstein to break through to the encircled 6th army at Stalingrad. Hitler's explicit order that the 6th army not break out of Stalingrad and Paulus's refusal to disobey that order doomed the attempt.

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1942-12-04Zegota Created

In Warsaw, Zofia Kossak-Szczucka and Wanda Krahelska-Filipowicz set up the Zegota organization to aid the country's Jews and find places of safety for them in occupied Poland.

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1942-11-22Sixth Army surrounded

General Friedrich Paulus sends Adolf Hitler a telegram saying that the German 6th army is surrounded.

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1942-11-19Operation Uranus begins

Soviet troops are poised to attack the flanks of the German 6th army besieging Stalingrad. The attacks would strike the poorly equipped and thinly spread Romanian Third Army in the north and the Romanian IV Corps in the south.

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1942-11-191943-01-16Velikiye Luki

The Soviet capture of Velikiye Luki during the winter campaign of 42/43. This was an early example of German failure to support encircled troops that was later exploited at Stalingrad.

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1942-11-121942-11-15Battle of Guadalcanal

The battle turned back Japan's last major attempt to dislodge Allied forces from Guadalcanal and nearby Tulagi, resulting in a strategic victory for the U.S. and its allies and deciding the ultimate outcome of the Guadalcanal campaign in their favor.

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1942-11-081942-11-10Operation Torch

The combined British-American landings in French North Africa. The invasion hoped to Axis Powers from North Africa, improve naval control of the Mediterranean Sea and prepare an invasion of Southern Europe in 1943.

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