WW1 Daily on the iPhone

May 2, 2011, 11:56 am

WW1 Daily answers two fundamental questions:

  • What happened today in the First World War?
  • Where did it happen? Show me a map!

Flip through daily cards showing important events of the first 'total war'. World War One affected the entire globe for it's duration and arguably for the century that followed.

Each card shows the date, a succinct description and a zoomable map for the event. You can flip the card over to read the Wikipedia article describing the event.

You can sort your deck of events using two mechanisms:

  • Sort by day and month for a this day in history view.
  • Select a start date and then sort by day, month and year for a true chronological sequence of events from that date onwards.

The data for WW1 Daily comes from the World War One Timeline Project. This is a community contributed project to collect time and place data for the war. You can come to the site to browse the timeline or even log in and contribute new data.

The Timeline Project currently indexes almost 300 hundred data points with new entries being added daily. If a significant event isn't in the database yet, it soon will be.

Iconoclast : Ted Jotikasthira!

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