The Making of Prince of Persia - Jordan Mechner

May 11, 2012, 7:30 am
It's like an Indiana Jones movie. There's no other game that even remotely approaches this.

The journal of a very young Jordan Mechner as he built Prince of Persia, one of my favoriate games of all time. I remember playing this game in my teens, aware how it was somehow different from its contemporaries, but being completely ignorant of the technical leap that it represented.

This book reveals the hard work, time and genius that went into creating that game and I am very grateful the author shared it.

It is hard to imagine that I would have something in common with the creator of Prince of Persia, but there are definitely moments which, as a programmer, feel very familiar.

Oliver found a bug in POP. I'm bummed as it was one I'd fixed once, too, and it somehow got undone. But it's shippable, even with the bug, so that's probably what they'll decide to do. Shit.

Fascinating, surprising, nostalgic and highly recommended.

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