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1942-05-27Operation Anthropoid

The assassination of top German SS leader Reinhard Heydrich, a chief planner of the Final Solution, the Nazi German programme for the genocide of the Jews of Europe.

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1942-05-09Zinkiv Massacre

SS troops murder five hundred and eighty eight Jewish residents of the Podolian town of Zinkiv.

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1942-04-18Laval becomes Vichy PM

Pierre Laval becomes the prime minister of Vichy France. While in office Laval signed orders permitting the deportation of Jews to extermination camps. After the war he was convicted of high treason and executed.

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1942-03-31Stanislawow Ghetto

The Gestapo arrange the deportation of 5000 Jewish residents of the Stanislawow ghetto to Belzec death camp. This was one of the largest deportations in the early stages of the camp.

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1942-03-26Women arrive at Auschwitz

For the first time the Auschwitz concentration camp begins taking female prisoners.

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1941-12-15Drobytsky Yar

In a -15 degrees Celsius temperatures, German troops execute over 15,000 Jews at Drobitsky Yar, a ravine southeast of the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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1941-12-12Hitler condemns Jews

A meeting between Adolf Hitler and the highest ranking officials of the Nazi party, where he declares the imminent destruction of the Jewish race.

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1941-12-08Chelmno Gas Vans

Gas vans are first used as a means of execution, at the Chelmno extermination camp near Lodz in Poland.

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1,500 Jews from Pidhaytsi (in western Ukraine) are sent by Nazis to Belzec extermination camp.

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1941-10-29Kaunas Ghetto Massacre

In the Kaunas Ghetto over 10,000 Jews are shot by German occupiers at the Ninth Fort, a massacre known as the "Great Action".

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