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1936-11-01Rome-Berlin Axis

Germany and Italy form an alliance based (to some extent) on common ideology.

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1936-07-171939-04-01Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil war becomes a test case for modern warfare motivated by extreme left/right ideology.

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1936-03-07Occupation of Rhineland

Hilter abandons any pretence of adhering to Treaty of Versailles and sends troops to take control of the Rhineland.

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1935-10-031936-05-07Italy conquers Abyssinia

World opinion railes against Italian aggression in North Africa. The League of Nations (created after WW1 to avoid international conflict) fails to influence Italian policy.

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1934-08-02Hindenburg dies

Hitler combines the offices of president and chancellor, naming himself Fuhrer.

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Completing the transition to a totalitarian regime, all other political parties in Germany are outlawed.

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1933-03-23Rule by Decree

Reichstag passes legislation giving Hitler unprecedented power to rule by Decree. Germany effectively becomes a one party Nazi state.

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1933-02-27Reichstag Fire

Fears of Communist uprising is fueled by a fire in the Reichstag.

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1933-01-30Hitler becomes Chancellor

Following a political impass, Hilter becomes the Chancellor of Germany.

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1932-04-10Hindenburg defeats Hitler

Field Marshal von Hindenburg defeats Adolf Hitler in presidential election.

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