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I hope eventually that the project approaches one data point per day for the period of the war (Sept 1939 to Sept 1945). I have a long way to go.

Overall Progress38% complete
Number of Data Points839
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First Data Point1912-06-23
Last Data Point1946-12-13
Average points per day (Sept 1939 - Sept 1945)0.38275547445255
Average points per day0.066634897942975


1942-05-31Sinking of HMAS Kuttabul

During the Japanese midget submarine attack on Sydney Harbour on 31 May 1942, Kuttabul was torpedoed and sunk, with 21 Commonwealth naval personnel aboard.

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1942-01-05Japanese attack Trolak

Japanese attack, but fail to capture Trolak from British defenders.

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1943-12-16Orsogna Counterattack

At 3:15 German troops from the 6th Parachute regiment counter-attacked 1st NZ Battalion troops but were repelled and retired by daylight.

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1944-11-27Soviets capture Mohacs

Soviet forces break through German-Hungarian lines to capture Mohacs in Hungary.

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The 3rd Panzer Korps captured Alagir.

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1942-08-09Krasnodar taken

German troops from the 17th army take Krasnodar.

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1941-08-081941-10-16Siege of Odessa

It took 73 days and 93,000 casualties for the Romanian army and elements of the German 11th army to take Odessa.

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1943-08-17Peenemunde Raid

324 Lancasters, 218 Halifaxes, and 54 Stirlings attacked v-2 rocket development center. 40 aircraft were lost, 29 in the last wave to German fighters. The center was relocated to underground facilities at Mittelwerk.

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