Timeline Project entries from 27 September, 2011 to 4 October, 2011

1942-03-121942-03-13Channel Dash

Scharnhorst,Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen succesfully escape up-channel from Brest to home bases in Germany. The Kriegsmarine escape detection for more than 12 hours before they were attacked by British air and naval forces. They escape without heavy damage.

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1945-05-09Stutthof Liberated

Stutthof, the first concentration camp built inside Germany, was the last liberated by Allied forces. Soviet troops arrive to find 100 prisoners still alive. Of the 110,000 deported there during the war over 85,000 had died.

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1944-09-22Klooga Liberated

Soviet forces liberate Klooga concentration camp. Of the 2400 prisoners who had remained post-evacuation, only 85 were still alive when Soviet troops arrive.

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