Timeline Project entries from 25 April, 2011 to 2 May, 2011

1944-04-28Lyme Bay

946 soldiers are killed and 200 wounded when nine German E-Boats based in Cherbourg raid a convoy of LSTs that were part of a D-Day training exercise.

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1944-02-021944-07-26Narva Bridgehead

The first stage in the battles for the strategically important Narva Isthmus. After the Red Army captured the town of Narva, German defenders withdrew to prepared positions along the Tannenberg line.

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1944-07-251944-08-10Tannenberg Line

After the Soviet offensive, German troops fell back to prepared defenses in the hills of Sinimaed. German troops held their ground and Stalin's main strategic goal, the quick recovery of Estonia, was not achieved.

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1944-02-131945-05-06Festung Breslau

A three month long siege of the city that ended the day before the general surrender of German forces. It was the last major German city to surrender. During the siege the Luftwaffe made more than 2000 sorties with supplies and food.

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1942-11-191943-01-16Velikiye Luki

The Soviet capture of Velikiye Luki during the winter campaign of 42/43. This was an early example of German failure to support encircled troops that was later exploited at Stalingrad.

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The 2nd and 4th Marine Divisions secured the island after nine days of fighting. The gentler terrain made US artillery and tanks more effective. On the last day the remaining Japanese launched a suicide attack.

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322nd battalion repeatedly attacked the last 750 Japanese defenders who drove them back. Eventually, hunger, thirst, and American shellfire and bombing took their toll and US troops penetrated Japanese defences.

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