Timeline Project entries from 31 March, 2010 to 7 April, 2010

1865-04-06Rice's Station

Confederate Gen James Longstreet's command reached Rice's Station, only to discover that it was blocked by Union troops led by Gen John Gibbon.

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1865-04-02Sutherland's Station

Maj Gen Miles's Union division battered Henry Heth's Confederates near Sutherland's Station and drove them off the field. The Confederate defenders were scattered and driven northwestward. Union forces now held Lee's last supply line into Petersburg.

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1865-03-31Dinwiddie Court House

Gen WHF Lee's cavalry and Gen Pickett's infantry division met the Union vanguard north and northwest of Dinwiddie Court House and drove it back, collapsing the Union lines into a tight perimeter around the village, temporarily stalling Sheridan's movement.

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1865-03-31Gravelly Run

Lee shifted his defence to prevent Union attempts to turn his right flank. Despite local tactical successes, Union forces succeeded in closing on White Oak Road. This set up the Confederate forces for their defeat at Five Forks on April first.

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