The Patrick O'Brian Mapping Project
The Voyages of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin

Completed between Nov 2006 and Apr 2020 - To accurately map the progress of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin in the novels by Patrick O'Brian.


I would love to hear your feedback on the project.

Older Comments

The following comments were left by visitors to the site in an older, now broken, guestbook system.

Date Name Comment
2011-01-12 James Danky

Very useful and impressive. Can you tell me which of the books have Caribbean settings? I recall one at the Nelson docs in the area but cannot recall which it was? thanks.

2010-11-03 Don Putnam

Excellent work! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog and bringing to my attention this fantastic project of yours! I''ve linked your site to my blog - I will be returning here quite often! Keep it up! Thanks again!

2010-10-10 Todd

I have just discovered the Aubrey/Maturin series. I am thoroughly enjoying Master and Commander and I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Your project is very interesting and it is nice to have these charts on this high seas adventure. You all are to be commended for your hard work. I thank you for making this available to all.

2010-10-07 Patrick

Well done!

2010-09-24 Trevor Olsson

Would love to see this on Google Earth...

2010-09-07 Gary Beecroft

Well done on tackling this project. Now where are you going toput Kutali ?

2010-08-28 Debbie Kellogg

Thank you so much for doing this. I have gotten my atlas out to try to track their voyages, but I admit that I have gotten "off course" and have been unable to find the locations in the book. I''ll download the app soon. What a fascinating modern age we live in....

2010-08-09 Melissa

Thank you for this. I''m just now getting into the books and love having the maps to see where everything is. Great work!!!:-D8-0

2010-07-16 Michael Holyoke

Excellent idea, and the completed maps are superb. Does anyone know of an index of Patrick O''Brian placenames, esp indicating which are real etc.? Thanks for this site.

2010-07-13 Jori

Wonderful project! Just finished the whole series (again!) and I am waiting for the last unfinished book to go to paperback. I didn''t want to stop and this is a nice place to explore.

2010-05-21 Steven C. LaRue

Neat isoceles triangle? Could the Raisonable be goose winged to slow her progress? Admiral Bertie stated that she was "quite fast".

2010-05-01 Sharon Gardner

Thank you for taking the time to to craft these maps and for doing so with such thoughtful, clean design. Good luck on the mapping the rest of the adventures. Best Regards, Sharon

2010-04-25 Fissile48

Great stuff!!! Adds greatly to the enjoyment of the series. Thank you for your work.

2010-02-03 mels

this is great. doing a read-through of the books that ive so far accumulated (up to the surgeon''s mate) and found the site just as i was looking to print out a bunch of maps and start drawing the routes myself. am looking forward to the next one. thanks!

2010-01-18 Mark

Just starting FOW-first time through series. So very hooked! Thanks for this very excellent work. Helps pull it all together.

2009-12-27 Cindy Kimmick

Great project! Look forward to seeing using it in the future ...

2009-09-22 Awkward Davis

A fine resource and one I hope will continue to grow, as it is both informative and fascinating. Keep up the good work shipmates.

2009-07-18 Colin Macaulay

Congratulations and many thanks for doing this work so well. A most valuable resource which has gone straight on to my favourites list.

2009-05-07 Andrew Evans

Excellent, even Stephen could find his way with this, provided he had two good shipmates to guide him....thanks for the work!:-)

2009-04-29 Trent Bryant

Finally I found what I was thinking of! Now I dont have to do it myself! However I wouldn''t mind helping. At least we dont need to fix longitude by the three moons of Jupiter!

2009-04-24 Chris Mac

What a fantastic idea ... Aubrey would have been proud.

2009-04-14 dell Texmo

Hurry up, I''m on Clarissa Oakes! However, reading whole series for 3rd time, so have no doubt this will be amazingly useful when beginning the 4th. Isn''t this just the best series ever written? We''ve long bemoaned the absence of maps in the books themselves and our pie in the sky project was to do exactly what''s being done on this site, with a literary analysis alongside (reflecting our mutual fields of expertise-geography and English literature). A computer program that allowed the reader to follow Jack''s ships around the rotating globe, dotted lines moving from country to country and travels within each country too is our next field of dreams.

2009-03-31 Jim

What an amazing site! I really appreciate all your hard work. I am reading the series for the second time, and your maps are invaluable! Thank you for all your time and effort, it is GREATLY appreciated! Cheers!

2009-03-22 Hugo

Wish this site existed when I was reading the series. Good idea!

2009-03-16 Michele

Oh how I love this site! Have bookmarked it, will be back as needed and for larks! Thanks so much

2009-03-16 ghostlibrarian

I''m reading through the series for the first time and am really enjoying it. I hope you can continue working on the maps and look forward to using them as I read.

2009-02-04 Craig

Thank you so much for creating such an awesome website. It serves as an essential and authoritative companion to Mr. O''Brian''s works.

2009-01-13 Anonymous

I savor reading my tatty (and steadily growing) collection of O''Brian literature. I admit reading the Aubrey-Maturin series just once in chronological order - but many times over in scattered confusion. I found O''Brian''s style challenging to comprehend at first. As my understanding grew so did my level of addictive immersion. He has helped me develop and grow as a reader,more than any author. I have just finished ''Richard Temple'' for the fist time. I was impressed by O''Brian''s insight into the personal effects of solitary confinement and interrogation. I wonder why he was able to write about this subject with such intimate authority?

2009-01-13 Ian S.

A very welcome site! Though I am going through the series for a second time I have half a mind to slow down so that the maps might be in place, it is such a treat to have them there while one reads the books. Now if only I could get my O''Day 25 to the Ionian Sea....

2008-12-12 Hardy P

Great site. I remember the pleasure I got the first time I entered the coordinates of Desolation Island into Google Maps and found out there was actually an island there!

2008-09-18 Joseph M.

I''ve been coming here for a few months as I read the books and I have to say this is an amazing undertaking, saves me the trouble of scratching my head over a forty year old atlas trying to figure out where they went. Keep up the good work.

2008-09-05 Anam Cara

Warm work, I collect ! Keep your eyes on the prize. Such a worthy enterprise and not to be " cur-tailed "

2008-06-08 SlowRain

Great job! This site is an excellent resource. Your hard work has been much appreciated by this reader.

2008-04-28 Hugh

Great web site. Thanks for all your effort. It makes listening to the books more interesting.

2008-04-05 Linnea

I''m just reading HMS SURPRISE for the 5th time, and it was a joy to see it all mapped out so beautifully. As a guestbook entry says, #7: "Thank you for your effort. This may be the most constructive use of the web I have ever seen." I totally agree. A stupendous effort.

2008-03-25 Memo

I am currently rereading the series, after a few years, and it is still as good as the first time. And this time, I am taking more time for the details. I have just found this site, while searching for Gripsholm (The Surgeon''s Mate), not having been able to find it on any other map. Although I still don''t know where it is (I suspect it might be fictional), I have to say that the effort is marvellous, and I congratulate the creators with all my heart. As the site''s current status is exactly the same as my progress through the series, I might even feel compelled to contribute starting next volume :-) Confusion to Boney!

2008-02-08 Debra

I''m thinking of shoving off with Aubrey and Maturin for the third time - this site is an impressive enhancement!

2008-01-01 Ian Rumley

This is a great project! Well done.

2007-11-04 Robert Ogden

Excellent resources! I just picked up the books and have begun with Master and Commander. I only hope that your reading and updating stays ahead of me. I will be utterly confused if it doesn''t.

2007-10-03 Tom

I really love the Captain Aubrey novels. They are so well written, providing history of the times, and violence of battle. So far my book club won''t bite on it. The women in the group don''t like war, and the guys are tired of chick-lit. Which book do you recommend for both tastes? I''ve just finished Nutmeg of Consolation, and my favorite so far is the Mauritus Command.

2007-10-01 Barrett Bonden

Wonderful site. Please keep up the good work!!

2007-09-23 Julie K. Rose

Absolutely love your site! Thank you for all of the time and effort!

2007-09-20 Fritz

Very, very cool. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together Aubrey/Maturin map. Keep up the good work! The only thing that I would wish could be done, if someone had the time to do it, is if somehow Google Maps could display national names and boundaries consistent with the time-period of the novels, and not modern usage or conventions. Of course, in terms of geography and general locations, your map is first rate.

2007-09-15 Gigha Campbell

What a ship-shape site! May she remain water-tight and its creator not get pooped.:-D

2007-09-04 Pete Nicol

Thank you for your effort. This may be the most constructive use of the web I have ever seen

2007-05-21 Ian S. Watkins Esq.

What a lot of dedicated work... A glass with you Sir! :-D

2007-04-09 Bruce Ballister

I wish you joy of your accomplishment. You are hereby directed and required to assumed the office of fleet cartographer. :-!:-!

2007-04-03 Frank E Blauvelt Jr

I have read the series back to back several times and never tire of the stories and the wonderful way they are told. Thanks so much for enhancing the experience with the maps. 8-)8-)8-)8-)8-)

2007-03-31 Kyle Keilman

Very well done indeed... Many Thanks!

2007-03-15 Trent Daley

Wonderfully done!8-0:-!

2007-02-16 Ian D. Wollen

A great website!;-)