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The British & Canadian assault on the most heavily fortified section of the Siegfried Line. The operation was complicated when German defenders blew the Ruhr dams, flooding the area downstream and severely limiting offensive operations.

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1944-09-251st Airborne withdraws

On the ninth day of operation Market Garden, the British 1st Airborne division starts it's withdraw back across the Rhine. Of approximately 10,600 men who fought north of the Rhine, 1,485 had died and 6,414 were taken prisoner.

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1941-02-23HMS Terror

After being spotted by a recon Ju-88, 5 Ju-88s from Catania made dive bomb attacks on the HMS Terror. She sunk the following morning. Terror was, by displacement, the largest warship sunk in the Mediterranean by Ju-88s during the entire war.

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1938-09-29Munich Agreement

British prime minister Chamberlain negotiates for Peace in our Time. This agreement granted Germany the Sudetenland, a German-speaking area of Czechosolvakia. Hitler promises this will be his last territorial demand.

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1941-02-12Rommel in Tripoli

Erwin Rommel, the 'Desert Fox' arrives in Tripoli. He would go on to transform the North-African campaign from a side show into a major theater of the war.

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The colonial Italian army defending Eritrea was eventually defeated by the invading British and Commonwealth forces.

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1944-09-22Black Friday

German counterattacks were still being mounted along the length of the corridor. Two mixed armoured formations on either side of Highway 69 attacked between Veghel and Grave; one group managed to cut the highway and prevent any further advance to Arnhem.

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