Timeline Project entries from 10 August, 2010 to 17 August, 2010

1945-08-15Surrender Broadcast

After several more days of behind-the-scenes negotiations and a failed coup d'Etat, Emperor Hirohito gave a recorded radio address to the nation. Some Japanese soldiers, devastated by the surrender, committed suicide. Many allied POWs were executed.

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1942-08-24Italian Cavalry

Supported by the dismounted 4th Squadron and the Savoia regiment MG squadron they broke the back of the 2000-strong Siberian 812th Infantry Regiment who had pushed a gap between the German 6th and Italian armies on the Don.

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1944-08-121944-08-21Falaise Pocket

The German 7th and 5th Panzer Armies became encircled by the allied advance following Operation Cobra, the successful breakout from Normandy. The bulk of Germany's forces west of the River Seine are destroyed.

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1941-09-08Lenningrad Encircled

The last land connection to the besieged city was severed when Germans troops reached Lake Ladoga at Orekhovets. The city would remained under siege for 872 days.

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1944-08-201944-08-29Jassy Kishinev Offensive

The 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts of the Red Army engaged Army Group South Ukraine (combined German and Romanian formations). Defending troops were encircled and destroyed. Romania switched allegiance from Axis to the Soviet Union.

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1944-08-20168 Airmen at Buchenwald

168 captured allied airmen, accused of being "terror fliers", arrive at Buchenwald concentration camp.

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1945-05-29Shuri Castle Falls

Three days of bombardment by the USS Mississippi force troops from the Japanese 32nd army to withdraw as troops from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines capture Shuri Castle.

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