Timeline Project entries from 7 August, 2011 to 14 August, 2011

1944-02-04Truk Recon

Under cover of freak tropical storms, Major James Christonson and Captain James Yon flew liberator scout planes 850 miles from Torakina airfield to Truk. Taking aerial recon photos of Truk, they find the IJN combined fleet at anchor.

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1945-08-12US rejects Japan's terms

US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes officially rejects Japans qualified surrender. Japan would not accept any peace conditions that would "prejudice the prerogatives" of the emperor.

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1943-08-03Patton slaps Kuhl

General George Patton infamously slaps Private Charles Kuhl, who is suffering from battle fatigue, for what he perceives as cowardice. Subsequently on the 10th he slaps another private, Paul Bennett, unders similar circumstances.

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The German encirclement of the 6th and 12th Soviet armies. This occured during the initial offensive operations of Rundstedt's Army Group South during Operation Barbarossa.

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1945-08-091945-08-20Soviets invade Manchuria

A significant factor in the rapid surrender of Japan after the second Atomic bomb was dropped. 700,000 Soviet troops occupied Manchuria. The systematic rape and pillage of the Chinese people was ignored by Soviet authorities.

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A costly tactical victory for the IJM. Their force of destroyers manage to land 1200 troops on Villa, heavily damaging three US cruisers with torpedoes, with the loss of the light cruiser Jintsu.

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1943-08-061943-08-07Vella Gulf

Six US destroyers, operating for the first time without the cruiser force, sink 3 Japanese destroyers attempting to reinforce troops on Kolombangara. The US squadron used radar to approach undetected and attacked with torpedoes.

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