Timeline Project entries from 19 July, 2011 to 26 July, 2011

1940-07-23HMS Narwhal Sunk

A Do 17 bomber attacked submarines in the north sea. When the HMS Narwhal fails to return to base she is assumed to have been lost in that attack.

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1945-07-14First naval bombardment

Rear Admiral John Shafroth leads Task Unit 34.8.1 in the first naval bombardment of the Japanese coastline. The battleships USS South Dakota, Indiana and Massachusetts as well as 2 heavy cruisers and nine destroyers attacked iron works near Kamaishi.

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1945-07-171945-07-18US bombards Hitachi

Allied battleships commanded by Rear Admiral Badger, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Alabama and HMS King George V and accompanying cruisers and destroyers, bombard industrial facilities near Hitachi.

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