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1945-07-14First naval bombardment

Rear Admiral John Shafroth leads Task Unit 34.8.1 in the first naval bombardment of the Japanese coastline. The battleships USS South Dakota, Indiana and Massachusetts as well as 2 heavy cruisers and nine destroyers attacked iron works near Kamaishi.

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1945-07-171945-07-18US bombards Hitachi

Allied battleships commanded by Rear Admiral Badger, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Alabama and HMS King George V and accompanying cruisers and destroyers, bombard industrial facilities near Hitachi.

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1941-07-061941-08-05Germans encircle Smolensk

The 2nd and 3rd panzer army's largely successful encirclement of the 16th, 19th and the 20th Armies south of Smolensk. 200,000 troops from the 19th managed to escape the pocket, leading Hitler to abandon the encirclement as a tactical goal.

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A German plane makes a forced landing in this Belgium town, near Mosa's river. The two germans take's with them a plan of the German ofensive. In anticipation of the violation of Belgian neutrality.

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1939-09-14First U-Boat sunk

U-39, having been on patrol for 27 days, fires two torpedoes at the HMS Ark Royal. The torpedoes explode prematurely and the sub is hunted down and sunk by destroyers. The crew survives and are captured.

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1939-09-20U-27 sunk

U-27 was hunted down and sunk very early in the war. She was the second submarine (after U-39) to be sunk.

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