Timeline Project entries from 26 June, 2011 to 3 July, 2011


Following a series of disastrous assaults, General Erskine orders the 9th Marine Regiment to attack at night, without preliminary artillery bombardment. The tactics are more effective and eventually the mutually supporting positions are overwhelmed.

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1945-03-04Dinah Might Lands

The first of thousands of B-29s to follow, the 'Dinah Might', low on fuel and damaged, makes an emergency landing on airstrip number 1 on Iwo Jima, 21 days before the island is entirely in allied hands.

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1945-02-17Demolition swimmers.

When swimmers from underwater demolition teams arrived, the big guns on the northern cliffs opened fire on covering gunboats, believing it was part of an invasion force. The guns were knocked out immediately. The single failure of fire discipline.

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In a departure from previous defensive tactics, Japanese troops executed their first major tactical ambush. The change resulted in much higher allied casualties and a much longer campaign.

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1944-07-211944-08-08Second Battle of Guam

As with many of the Pacific battles most of the Japanese defenders refused to surrender. More than 18,040 Japanese troops are killed, 485 surrender.

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1944-08-021944-08-04Mount Barrigada

After a two day struggle at Mount Barrigada the Japanese lines begins to collapse and the remaining days of the campaign are a pursuit to the northern tip of the island. Very few Japanese surrender.

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1944-07-31Beachhead expands

Having linked up the two beachhead the previous day the 77th division and 3rd marine division form a single front moving north along the island.

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The United States 2nd Marine Division, 4th Marine Division, and 27th Infantry Division defeated defending Japanese forces from the 43rd Division. The battle ended a suicidal, Banzai charge, that was the largest in the Pacific war.

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1944-07-061944-07-07Saipan Banzai

650 troops from the 1st and 2nd battalion 105th IR, 27th ID are killed or wounded when their position is overrun by the largest Banzai attack of the world. Over 3000 troops, followed by barely armed walking wounded are killed in the assault.

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1944-06-24Iwo Jima Raid

Vice Admiral Joseph Clark's carrier force raids Iwo Jima destroying 95 fighters bombers at a loss of 6 hellcats.

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1944-06-251944-06-26Mt Tapochau falls

Lt Col Tommy Tompkins and a platoon from the division scout company make the climb to the summit of Mt Tapochau. They hold an abandoned dugout against counter attacks and were then reinforced by Tompkins battalion.

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