Timeline Project entries from 13 June, 2011 to 20 June, 2011

1943-11-211943-11-25Abemama falls

Australian Army Lt George Hand and 78 U.S. Marine Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance Scouts land on the atol via submarine. They cut of the small Japanese defence force's line of retreat and on the 25th they learn that the defenders had committed suicide.

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1943-11-25Cape St George

The last outing of the Tokyo Express and the end of Japanese surface ships operating in the Solomons. Having dropped 900 troops on Bougainville 5 Japanese destroyers are ambushed by 5 US destroyers using superior radar technology, 3 are sunk.

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1943-11-201943-11-23Battle of Tarawa

The second time the United States was on the offensive in the Pacific land war (the Battle of Guadalcanal had been the first), and the first offensive in the critical central Pacific region. 1009 marines were killed and almost all of the 4800 defenders.

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1943-11-071943-11-08Koromokina Lagoon

Marines defend the left flank of the Bougainville landing force against a Japanese counter invasion of 750 troops brought down 'the slot' in troop destroyers. The failed assault cost 377 killed. 17 marines were killed in the defence.

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1943-11-01Cape Torokina

At 0710 troops from the 9th and 3rd regiments of the 3rd Marine Division assaulted Cape Torokina along a 8km front. The 270 Japanese troops from the 23rd division were virtually annihilated in the attack.

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1942-10-231942-10-26Matanikau Attacks

Two battalions of Nakaguma's 4th Infantry Regiment and the nine tanks of the 1st Independent Tank Company launched attacks at the mouth of the Matanikau. Marine 37mm AT guns quickly destroyed all nine tanks. Infantry attacks were also stopped.

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1943-07-221943-08-04Munda Point

US troops successfully capture the airfield at Munda Point. Japanese troops subsequently abandon New Georgia entirely. The airfield will prove vital in the following campaign to isolate the major Japanese base at Rabaul.

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