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1943-06-08Mutsu blows up

At 12:13 the magazine for her number 3 turret exploded, ripping the ship in two. Her forward section sunk quickly with the after part staying afloat till about 2am. The exact cause of the internal explosion is still unknown.

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1942-11-121942-11-15Battle of Guadalcanal

The battle turned back Japan's last major attempt to dislodge Allied forces from Guadalcanal and nearby Tulagi, resulting in a strategic victory for the U.S. and its allies and deciding the ultimate outcome of the Guadalcanal campaign in their favor.

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1942-08-09USS Quincy Sunk

Following the marine landings on Guadacanal, Quincy was part of the force caught by suprise by a large IJN heavy cruiser group. She sustained heavy damage and, with all guns out of action, was the first ship sunk in Ironbottom sound.

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1943-04-07USS Aaron Ward Sunk

Caught in a massive air raid (part of operation I-Go), the destroyer was sunk after receiving multiple direct and near hits from Val dive bombers.

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1943-04-011943-04-19Operation I-Go

Admiral Yamamoto conceives a massive aerial counter attack designed to sink allied shipping and destroy allied air power in the Solomons and New Guinea. It was motived largely as a response to losses at Guadalcanal, New Guinea and the Bismarck Sea.

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1942-10-14Night of the Battleships

The IJN battleships Kongo and Haruna sailed from Truk and bombarded Henderson field. They intended damage the CAF to the point it would not be effective in damaging the convoy of 4500 troops sailing from the Shortland islands.

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1942-06-06USS Hammann Sunk

While she was alongside the stricken aircraft carrier Yorktown, proving power, firefighting assistance and other services, Hammann is struck by a torpedo fired at the carrier. With a broken back, she sinks in 4 minutes.

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1942-09-27Air war resumes

The lull in the air war, due to bad weather, that had lasted from September 14 ends with a Japanese air raid on Henderson field.

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4157 men from the 3rd Provisional Marine Brigade, 137 vehicles, tents, aviation fuel, ammo, food and engineering equipment, runing the gauntlet of 'torpedo alley', arrive at the Lunga peninsula and provide vital support to its beleaguered defenders.

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1942-09-121942-09-14Edson Ridge

U.S. Marines led by General Vandegrift, repulsed an attack by Kawaguchi's 35th Infantry Brigade. The Marines were defending the southern ridgeline that guarded Henderson Field on Guadalcanal. The second of three major Japanese offensives on the island.

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1942-08-09Canberra sunk

HMAS Canberra is sunk during the Battle of Savo Island. A surprise attack by five IJN heavy cruisers who had travelled down 'the slot' from bases at New Britain and New Ireland.

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1942-08-071943-02-09Guadalcanal Campaign

The Guadalcanal campaign marked the first significant strategic combined arms victory by Allied forces over the Japanese in the Pacific theater. For this reason, the Guadalcanal campaign is often referred to as a "turning point" in the war.

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1942-08-12Goettge's Patrol

Lieutenant Colonel Goettge leads a 25 man patrol to accept the surrender from Japanese defenders who, based on the misinterpretation of a white battle flag, they believed to be ready to capitulate. The patrol was ambushed. There were few survivors.

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