Timeline Project entries from 8 May, 2011 to 15 May, 2011

1942-05-13U-69 sinks Norlantic

Seven mariners are killed when the German U-69 sinks the American merchant ship SS Nolantic with torpedoes and shell fire.

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1940-05-141940-05-15Gembloux Gap

The French first army's main defensive position intended to prevent a German breakthrough in Belgium (where they believed the main attack would occur). The French forces repeatedly stopped 6th Army assaults, giving time for allied troops to withdraw.

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The first major armoured engagement of the Second World War. Armoured units from the French 1st Army achieve tactical victories over German units, before withdrawing to Gembloux. The successful delaying actions here gave Allied units time to organize.

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1944-05-10USS Cod sinks Karukaya

US Submarine Cod attacks a convoy of 32 freighters. She sinks a freighter and the Japanese destroyer Karukaya before being driven off by a massive depth charge barrage.

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Troops from the US 27th Division fight against a small but determined resistance to capture this tiny coral atol. More navy personel are killed when Japanese submarine torpedoes the Liscome Bay, sinking her.

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1943-05-07Bizerte falls

Infantry from the American II corp continue their advance to the north and enter Bizerte. Germany resistance in North Africa has effectively ended.

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1943-05-07British in Tunis

As the last remaining German defenders in Tunisia are swept away, British tanks enter Tunis.

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1941-12-13Cape Bon

Four Royal Navy destroyers using Radar and cover of darkness, surprise two Italian cruisers. In a brief, furious encounter both cruisers are sunk by close range torpedo and shell fire.

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1942-02-27Java Sea

The American-British-Dutch-Australian Command (ABDA) is almost completely destroyed in a disastrous Allied defeat at the hands of the Japanese navy.

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1944-05-078th AF attacks Berlin

One thousand, five hundred bombers from the 8th air force attack Berlin.

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