Timeline Project entries from 2 May, 2011 to 9 May, 2011

1944-05-078th AF attacks Berlin

One thousand, five hundred bombers from the 8th air force attack Berlin.

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1941-05-021941-05-05British bomb Bagdad

British bombers attack Iraqi positions at Habbaniya. The attacks would eventually lead to the withdrawal of Iraqi troops.

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1945-04-081945-04-11Celler Hasenjagd

A train carrying internees of the concentration camp Salzgitter Drutte is hit by an air raid killing hundreds. Some escape into the woods, but are pursued and massacred by Gestapo, SS guard, Nazi Party officials and local residents.

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1945-05-02SS abandon Neuengamme

The last SS troops leave the Neuengamme concentration camp. From 1938 to 1945 over half of the 106,000 prisoners who had been interned there had died.

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1945-05-03British in Hamburg

British troops capture Hamburg. The city is not defended.

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1943-05-03Operation Corkscrew

The Royal Navy began bombing Pantelleria in preparation for it's capture. The radar installations and airfields on the island presented a real threat to the following invasion of Sicily.

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First stage of the Borneo campaign with an amphibious landing by Australian troops. The operation's primary objective was to secure and develop the airstrip for use in subsequent operations.

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