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Confederates hoped to capture Fort Craig both to eliminate the threat to their rear and to capture supplies in the fort. Although they were able to drive the Federals from the battleflied, the Union commander refused to surrender the fort.

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1862-02-281862-04-08Island No. 10

The Union victory marked the first time the Confederate army lost a position on the Mississippi River in battle. The river was then open to the Union Navy as far as Fort Pillow, a short distance above Memphis.

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1862-03-061862-03-08Elkhorn Tavern

Union forces defeated Confederate troops under Gen Earl Van Dorn. The outcome of the battle essentially cemented Union control of Missouri. One notable fact of this battle is that it was one of the few in which a Confederate army outnumbered a Union army.

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1862-03-081862-03-09Battle of the Ironclads

The first meeting in combat of ironclad warships. The Ironclad ram CSS Virginia and several supporting vessels destroyed 2 wooden Union vessels. The following day the Monitor arrived and neutralized Virginia's advantage.

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1862-03-14New Berne

Although Confederate defenders fought behind breastworks that had been set up long before the time of the battle, their line had a weak spot in its center that was exploited by the attacking Federal soldiers.

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1862-03-231862-04-26Fort Macon

Burnside's Union force invested the fort with siege works and breached the masonry walls. Within a few hours the fort's scarp began to collapse, and in late afternoon the Confederate commander, Colonel Moses J. White, ordered the raising of a white flag.

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Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. John B. Magruder attacked and expelled occupying Union troops from the city of Galveston, Texas.

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1862-12-261862-12-29Walnut Hills

Early Union defeat during the Vicksburg campaign.

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This fight amounted to no more than a feint and show of force intended to hold Jackson's Union defenders in place while two mounted columns destroyed railroad track north and south of the town.

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1861-12-13Allegheny Mountain

Confederate forces under Col Edward Johnson occupied the summit of Allegheny Mountain to defend the Staunton-Parkersburg Pike. A Union force under Brig. Gen. Robert H. Milroy attacked Johnson at sunrise.

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1861-12-17Rowlett's Station

After an inconclusive clash (both sides withdrawing) the Union Army continued to hold its objective, a railroad bridge across the Green River.

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Confederate and Union troops on similar winter-time patrols encountered and engaged one another in the crossroads village of Dranesville. The battle resulted in a Union victory.

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A band of 9,000 pro-Union Native Americans was forced to flee to Kansas in bitter cold and snow in what became known as the Trail of Blood on the Ice.

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1861-12-28Mount Zion Church

The Union victory here and elsewhere in central Missouri ended Confederate recruiting activities in the region and pushed conventional Confederate forces out of the area until the desperate fall 1864 invasion by General Sterling Price and hi...

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1862-01-03Freestone Point

Union gunboats shelled Confederate gun emplacements that had been set up as part of the Confederate blockade of the Potomac river (after the Union loss at Bull Run).

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1862-01-08Silver Creek

Rumors and sightings of a Confederate force in Howard County. A Union force found and destroyed the camp. The Confederates could no longer use their Randolph County base for recruiting and raiding.

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