Timeline Project entries from 13 August, 2010 to 20 August, 2010

1864-08-21Cameron's Depot West

Anderson struck north against the Union cavalry at Summit Point. The Union forces fought effective delaying actions, withdrawing to near Halltown on the following day. The battle resulted in approximately 1,000 casualties.

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Forrest made a daring raid on Memphis, then occupied by 6000 Federal troops. Although Forrest failed in Memphis, his raid influenced Union forces to return there, from northern Mississippi, and provide protection.

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General Lee's troopers scattered the pickets at the Shenandoah crossing at Front Royal. They pursued them down the Front Royal Pike, coming to Guard Hill. There, they were hit by Union Brig. Gen. Devin's cavalry brigade and sustained heavy losses.

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1864-08-131864-08-20Bailey's Creek

A Federal assault failed against a smaller defensive force. However, the operation had compelled General Lee to detach forces from Petersburg and Bermuda Hundred to deal with the Union advance, preventing from reinforcing Early in the Shenandoah Valley.

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