Timeline Project entries from 15 July, 2010 to 22 July, 2010

1861-07-26McClellan Commands

After the disartrous Union defeat at First Manassas, General George B McClellan is appointed commander of the Military Division of the Potomac, the main Union force responsible for the defense of Washington.

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Union Major General Fred Steele's forces, combined with Brig. Gen. John M. Thayer's division, marched south from the Cornelius Farm forcing Confederate defenders to withdraw and occupying the city.

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In a combined operation with the ironclad ram CSS Albemarle, Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Robert F. Hoke, attacked the Federal garrison at Plymouth, North Carolina. The garrison surrendered on the 20th.

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1863-07-181863-09-07Morris Island Siege

After unsuccessful attempts to capture Fort Wagner by stom, Union commanders decided to lay siege to the fort with constant bombardment. The defending confederate troops help out for a further 60 days before the position became untenable.

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1864-07-171864-07-18Parkers Ford

Wright had sent a small force against a well reinforced Confederate position without the aid of cavalry because he mistakenly assumed it was only the pickets of Early's rearguard. Thoburn's force paid dearly for the mistake.

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1863-07-16Grimball's Landing

Brig Gen Gillmore successfully diverts Confederate reinforcements from a renewed attack on nearby Fort Wagner. Maj Terry demonstrated against confederate defenses on James Island and the subsequent Confederate attack was repulsed.

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