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1864-05-09Cloyd's Mountain

A Union victory in West Virginia in 1864 that allowed the Union forces to destroy the last confederate railroad connecting Tennessee to Virginia.

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1862-05-15Fort Drewry

Five U.S. Navy gunboats, including the ironclads USS Monitor and Galena, steamed up the James River to test the defenses of Richmond. They encountered submerged obstacles and deadly accurate fire from the batteries at Drewry's Bluff.

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1864-05-121864-05-16Fort Darling

After severe fighting, Butler extricated himself from this battle, withdrawing again to his Bermuda Hundred Line. There were about 6,600 total casualties. This battle stopped Butler's offensive against Richmond.

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1864-05-15New Market

Cadets from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) fought alongside the Confederate Army and forced Union General Franz Sigel and his army out of the Shenandoah Valley.

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Unable to halt the Union turning movement caused by Sherman's crossing of the Oostanaula, Johnston was forced to retire, burning the railroad span and a nearby wagon bridge. Union troops repaired the bridges and continued their pursuit.

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1864-05-071864-05-13Rocky Face Ridge

Union troops under William Tecumseh Sherman forced a defending army under Joseph E. Johnston off the ridge line.

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1864-05-081864-05-21Spotsylvania Court House

Fought along a trench line some 6.5 km long, with the Army of Northern Virginia under Lee making its 2nd attempt to halt the spring offensive of the twice as large Union Army of the Potomac under Grant and Meade.

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1864-05-09Battle of Swift Creek

An inconclusive attack on the railroad at Swift Creek, Chesterfield County. Union forces were only partially successful, they inflicted damage on the railroad, but further advance was halted.

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1862-05-07Eltham's Landing

Franklin to McClellan "I congratulate myself that we have maintained our position". The skirmish was tactically inconclusive and Franklin missed an opportunity to intercept the Confederate retreat from Williamsburg.

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1865-04-16West Point

This battle was fought at Fort Tyler seven days after Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, making it one of the last battles of the Civil War east of the Mississippi.

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1864-05-051864-05-07Todd's Tavern

Two opposing cavalries met at Todd's Tavern in the afternoon. They fought in a slashing cavalry battle until after dark. The Confederate cavalry retired after nightfall.

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