Timeline Project entries from 19 April, 2010 to 26 April, 2010

1863-04-29Grand Gulf

Admiral Porter led seven ironclads in an attack on the fortifications and batteries at Grand Gulf, Mississippi, with the intention of silencing the Confederate guns and securing the area.

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1863-05-03Marye's Heights

Union troops under General John Sedgwick successful outflank and defeat a much smaller Confederate force defending Marye's Heights at Fredericksburg.

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1864-04-23Cane River Crossing

Union troops led by Nathaniel P. Banks attacked Confederate forces across the Cane River. They were victorious and forced the rebels to retreat.

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1863-04-291863-05-01Snyder's Mill

To ensure that troops were not withdrawn to Grand Gulf to assist Confederates there, a combined Union Army-Navy force feigned an attack on Snyder's Bluff, Mississippi.

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