Timeline Project entries from 9 April, 2010 to 16 April, 2010

1863-04-17Vermillion Bayou

Confederate defenders under General Taylor harass Federal troops advancing on Port Hudson, Louisiana.

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1863-04-131863-04-15Norfleet House Battery

Federal attempts to drive Confederate defenders out of their position at the Norfleet House Battery.

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1864-04-121864-04-13Blair's Landing

Union troops led by Brig. Gen. Thomas Kilby Smith defended a badly need convoy of supplies and gunboats from Confederate attacks.

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1863-04-111863-05-04Hill's Point

On April 19, a detachment of the 8th Connecticut and the 89th New York landed on Hill's Point and launched an amphibious assault on Fort Huger.

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1862-08-221862-08-25Waterloo Bridge

A series of skirmishes along the line of the Rappahannock River between the armies of Major General John Pope and Major General Thomas J. Jackson.

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1864-06-25Staunton River

The defense of the Staunton River Bridge ensured the survival of the Richmond & Danville rail supply line, which was a key part of the chain supplying the besieged Confederate forces in Petersburg.

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Following the Confederate victory at Fredericksburg, General Robert E. Lee felt confident enough to dispatch a large portion of his army to deal with Union occupation forces along the coast.

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1864-06-111864-06-12Trevilian Station

Despite early success on the 11th, Union cavalry under Major General Philip Sheridan were ultimately defeated in their objectives by Confederate cavalry under Hampton's and Fitzhugh Lee.

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