Timeline Project entries from 3 February, 2010 to 10 February, 2010

1865-03-271865-04-08Spanish Fort

After the Union victory in the Battle of Mobile Bay, Mobile nevertheless remained in Confederate hands. The fall of Spanish Fort and then Fort Blakely permitted Union troops to subsequently enter Mobile unopposed after the conclusion of the Civil War.

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A bridgade sized reconnaissance under Col Hall successfully defended multiple attacks by Confederate Brig. Gen. Morgan's cavalry force. Morgan broke off the engagement, after learning that Union reinforcements were en route from Murfreesboro.

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1865-03-16Black River

Part of the Carolinas Campaign of the American Civil War, was a prelude to the climactic Battle of Bentonville, which began three days later.

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1864-03-14Fort DeRussy

Fort De Russy was a strong Confederate stronghold during the American Civil War defending the lower Red River Valley in Louisiana. The fort yielded to the Union Army, lead by General A. J. Smith

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1863-03-131863-03-15Deep Gully

After an initial success at Deep Gully Confederate Gen Hill marched against the well-entrenched Federals at Fort Anderson. Hill was forced to retire upon the arrival of Union gunboats. He then moved to threaten Washington, North Carolina.

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1865-03-10Blues Farm

Involving about 4,500 men, it pitted mounted Confederate cavalry against dismounted Union cavalry. It was one of the last all-cavalry battles of the Civil War.

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