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1864-02-061864-02-07Morton's Ford

To distract attention from a planned cavalry-infantry raid up the Virginia Peninsula on Richmond, the Union Army of the Potomac forced several crossings of the Rapidan River. The attacks stalled and union army withdrew overnight.

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1863-02-03Fort Donelson

Confederate Gen. Joseph Wheeler, unable to disrupt Union shipping in the area, decided to attack the garrison at Dover. The unsuccessful attack left the Union in control in Middle Tennesse.

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1862-06-05Tranter's Creek

A union artillery bombardment on buildings in which the Confederates were barricaded. The confederate commander was killed and his troops retreated. The Federals did not pursue and returned to their fortifications at Washington.

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The engagement was witnessed by many of the citizens of Memphis. It resulted in a crushing defeat for the Rebels, and marked the virtual eradication of a Confederate naval presence on the river.

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1862-04-181862-04-28Fort St. Philip

A decisive battle for possession of New Orleans in the American Civil War

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1862-04-19South Mills

Learning that the Confederates were building ironclads at Norfolk, Burnside planned an expedition to destroy the Dismal Swamp Canal locks to prevent transfer of the ships to Albemarle Sound. The expedition was unsuccessful.

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1862-04-251862-05-01New Orleans

Having fought past Forts Jackson and St. Philip, the Union capture of the city itself was unopposed, sparing the destruction suffered by many other Southern cities.

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1862-04-291862-05-30Siege of Corinth

Made cautious by the staggering losses at Shiloh, Halleck embarked on a tedious campaign of offensive entrenchment, fortifying after each advance. By May 25, 1862, after moving five miles in three weeks, Halleck was in position to lay siege to the town.

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1865-01-131865-01-15Fort Fisher

Sometimes referred to as the "Gibraltar of the South" and the last major coastal stronghold of the Confederacy, Fort Fisher had tremendous strategic value during the war.

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