Showcase Lane

on May 8, 2011, 11:38 am

I work with Brad Robinson and have been very impressed with his previous projects, so you can read this post with that in mind.

I have watched over recent months as his latest web project has taken shape. It looks like it is getting close to launch and I am pretty excited about seeing it up and running. The premise for Showcase Lane is a place to find (and remember) beautifully designed websites. We have places like Dribbble or Forrst where we can find and discuss awesome designs progress, but nowhere to see the finished product.

From what I have seen, social features (like voting and discusion) presented with a clean, elegant interface will give web developers a place show off their stuff and to find inspiration for their next project. I think the invite only, design oriented community will surface only the most beautiful content on the web, this site for instance (which is a collection of programmer art, legacy projects and mutilated templates) is not a good example of what you will find there. ;)

If you are a web developer with some serious design chops, reserve your spot by leaving your email on the landing page.

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