Filterable ArrayAdapter Followup

Written by on November 9, 2010, 6:01 pm

A couple of points to follow up my previous ListView post:

Top left hand corner bug with the workaround

There is actually a hack that will force the ListView to re-request the section names, but unfortunately it causes the section name overlay view to re-render at the top left corner of the screen:

@Override protected void publishResults(CharSequence prefix, FilterResults results) { // ... Turning fast scrolling off before updating our // index and then turning it on again will cause // getSections to be called, but it messes up the fast scrolling // section name overlay lv.setFastScrollEnabled(false); updateListIndex (); lv.setFastScrollEnabled(true); // ... }

How AlphabetIndexer does it

When I was writing this post I discovered the AlphabetIndexer class, a helper class that implements the sectionIndex interface:

If the items in the adapter are sorted by simple alphabet-based sorting, then this class provides a way to do fast indexing of large lists using binary search. It caches the indices that have been determined through the binary search and also invalidates the cache if changes occur in the cursor.

Having a look at the source for this guy, we can see that it uses a similar fixed set of section names that are intialized based on the alphabet passed into the constructor. So if you are filtering a large list with a diverse range of section names, you will have the same problems that exist with my SectionIndexer hack.

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