Tingo Teams on This Week in Startups

on September 27, 2010, 9:40 pm

I worked up some courage and went to the local This Week in Startups meetup hosted by Matt Stone of simXchange and organized by Leo Perez of Pure Nutrition. It was very interesting meeting up with other Sydney startups and talking about their projects.

I was very excited (and terrified) to get a chance to pitch to Jason Calacanis, Tyler Crowley and Lon Harris and I was blown away by the positive reaction to our product and the awesome feedback that we got.

To top of the experience, when I got back to my desk I watched the end of the show to see Tingo Teams chosen as the best pitch. This was 100% down to the awesome product and very little to do with my abilities as a salesman, which is definitely better than the other way around.

I can probably stop talking about this now.

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