UIWebView and Wikipedia don't mix?

on October 16, 2009, 10:27 pm

Ok, so I was going to blog about the issues I have been having with UIWebView and Wikipedia, but decided I might get some answers from StackOverflow.

The short version is:

  • Discovery. UIWebView no work for Wikipedia pages.
  • Self Deprecation. I have broken something.
  • Paranoia. Those bastards are blocking me.
  • Sanity. Oh! Not so much blocking me. Smiling and sending me data.
  • More Self Deprecation. Oh god, I suck. It really is me.
  • Last minute ego rescue. Wow! This doesn't work in Tweetie either and Tweetie freakin rocks! Therefore, I don't suck ... So much.
  • Depression. This looks like UIWebView bug, how the hell am I gonna work around this?
  • Duct Tape FTW. Turns out the solution can be found with nasty hackery. Awesome. Thanks StackOverflow.

You can find a slightly more coherent description of the problem in my StackOverflow question.

If you are interested in the test UIWebView app that demonstrates the problem, it is here.

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