Timeline Project Comments

on June 27, 2009, 2:40 am

I have implemented a comment stream for each data point in the system. There is still a long list to todos and probably a longer list of bugs, but I feel like I am making some progress:

  • I need to a better job of filtering datapoints in the page. Rather than doing a reload from the right hand tag menu.
  • I need to scroll the timeline to a data point based on the id.
  • I would like the ability to flag data points as offensive,inaccurate. I would like the entry page for each data point to reflect the number of flags.
  • I would like to create user badges/achievements based on what the user does in the system. This inspired by the X-Box achievements system via StackOverflow.
  • I realised today that it would be handy to do a GeoCoding request based on a city name typed into the edit/create entry forms. I often found myself doing a search on wikipedia, going to the geocoding page and then copy/pasting the latitude, longitude. This could mostly be automated in the form.
  • I have clarified the tags for each data point, but they are still not perfect. I need to remove the theater option for The Napoleonic Wars. I also should get rid of the War, it is not really useful.
  • I need to clean up the info window dialogs on the map. They are ugly at the moment and they need links to the edit page and discuss page.
  • Check out the details for licensing the data as CC WIKI.

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