Vampire Collectable Card Game

Written by on January 28, 1995, 12:00 am

Having some kind of mutant collector gene makes me a sad target for evil card producing mega-corperations sucking me of my meagre finances. Before they brought out umptine-billion (err ... apprently there were three) expansions this game totally rocked and I spent a hell of a lot of time hanging with my best buddies , drinking beer, eating pizza and playing vampire. Really tight combat system with lots of options and good balance kept us coming back for more. There were no "This card will let me win , yay , but it cost me 400 bucks" cards which is nice. I was never mugged by a horde of 15 year old, card mafia nerds in black leather jackets, carrying automatic weapons. So all in all a pretty good collectable card game.

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